The word ldquo; vaccination rdquo; is derived from the Latin ldquo;Vaccardquo;, which means ldquo;cowrdquo;. Vaccine was first obtained from this an

Vaccination [Immunization]

The word “vaccination” is derived from the Latin “Vacca”, which means “cow”. Vaccine was first obtained from this animal. Now it obtains from mice, rabbits, sheep, horses, monkeys. The principle of vaccination is to inject the vaccine formulations that are produced from killed or live attenuated microorganisms and their toxins. They are applied for the active immunization (vaccination) to form an active artificial immunity. Vaccines contribute the production of antibodies in the organism, that it is necessary for forming an active artificial immunity as a result of vaccination.

Routine vaccinations are required! If you live in an area where a «hotbed» of an infectious disease is, it is necessary to be vaccinated against it.

An outstanding French scientist Louis Pasteur made a large contribution to the salvation of mankind from terrible infections such as anthrax and plague.

From the history of immunization

Two centuries ago, when from a terrible disease — smallpox black — each year many thousands of people died in the world, the English physician Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids are sick with safe for human cowpox and never with black. May 14, 1796, after the animal experiments, Jenner decided to carry out an experiment on humans. Taken from

He took a little bit of liquid from a peasant’s blister who was infected with cowpox that contained a pathogen, and injected it into the skin of a healthy eight-year boy (his father agreed with this). At first the boy did not feel anything, but on the seventh day he had fever, appetite was gone, there was a headache, and skin got a pink rash. Jenner did not sleep during all night; he did not leave the child. However, in the morning the boy was already healthy. After 1.5 months the doctor injected under his skin the fluid with black smallpox. The boy did not get sick with this terrible disease: he already had immunity from smallpox black for life!